Stream privately without bloat.

API v2

API v2 uses a job delegation concept and breaks the process into distinct steps.

Example workflow:

  1. POST { url, type } to create endpoint.
  2. Retrieve the results through get endpoint.
  3. Use the link to stream endpoint (provided in the response) to proxy the video.

POST /api/v2/create

  • url
  • type (currently only 'media' is supported)
Creates a resolution request. Returns request ID.
GET /api/v2/get/:id

  • id - request ID from /create endpoint
Retrieves the information about URL provided when creating request.
GET /api/v2/stream/:id/:type

  • id
  • type ('audio' or 'video')
Pipes the audio or video file to users browser.
Prevents tracking user's IP when rendering resource in your application.
GET /api/v2/stats Returns data about all logged events (broken down by event type and day).

API v1

In API v1 the whole lifecycle is packed into a single request. This may be preferred in some circumstances.

GET /api/v1/resolve

  • url
  • type ('html' or 'media')
Fetches information about given URL.

curl http://urlgent.com/api/v1/resolve?url=https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch\?v=C0DPdy98e4c&type=media